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It is in our DNA to add projects that have a positive social impact; through the development of strategic and agile innovation models.

We work with our clients developing innovation projects in which we apply creative and agile thinking methodologies, together with digital tools that impact internal processes, customer relationships and the overall business model.

We act as an ally in the co-creation of new innovation models, working hand in hand with our clients’ internal teams to help them improve or create new products, services or processes.working hand in hand with our clients’ internal teams to help them improve or create new products, services or processes; to identify new business opportunities along three main lines:

Strategic innovation

We conceptualize, design, build and implement high impact proposals using our expertise in new open innovation models.

Talent transformation

We generate learning through co-creation, creativity and gamification tools to motivate you to create new synergies to boost your organization's differentiation.

Community Lab

We are committed to collaborative knowledge through our community of experts in innovation, technology and smart cities, to achieve the optimization of each business model in the ICT sector.

Strategic innovation

We teach corporations, institutions and startups new models of open and disruptive innovation. These models help to generate a liquid organization, reactive and adaptable to changes and new trends in the ecosystem.

We are inspired by the concept of TEAL organizations, a new type of organization that is constantly adapting to the present and is based on three keys: self-management, plenitude and evolution.

The strategic innovation services we offer are applied in three different areas (culture, processes and customer):

Generate an organizational culture:

We establish a brand purpose, values, andreason why, along with the design of strategic planning models that are consistent with the SDG Agenda 2030 sustainability program.

Optimize processes:

We research, plan and simplify strategic process models through agile methodologies and OKR or Management by Objectives, applying technological solutions to strategic innovation and digital transformation.

Understanding the customer:

From a people-centered perspective, we apply design thinking and co-creation methodologies, taking into account the customer journey map, we help you to enhance the development of empathy and lateral thinking.


Talent transformation

We offer a series of techniques and procedures for institutions, corporations and startups to identify, transform and retain talent.  

We generate a diverse and inclusive learning environment through co-creation and creativity tools, gamification techniques and the cultural and digital transformation of the company taking into account the concepts of collective intelligence and team building. 

In this way, we help the human capital of the companies to develop developing new ways of creative thinking, acquire new skills and feel more committed, motivated and integrated in the company, aligning their personal values with those of the organization.


Community Lab

Our headquarters are located in 22@, Barcelona’s Innovation District. Following the concept of community of companies, startups, institutions, which give content to new collaborative models between Smart Cities and StartUp Cities around the world.

We are committed to the creation of an interconnected network of communities at national and international level, which are a platform for the development of projects, programs and joint strategies.

In this way, through research, teaching and collaboration between agents and entities with both public and private models, a positive social, economic and environmental growth and impact is generated.


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